Sunday, 22 July 2012

Meet the ShoeSista's- A Sisterhood of the Shoe!

I'm not really throwing down the gauntlet here, but this week, in a casual conversation with a colleague, she mentioned owning 84 pairs of shoes (actual number altered by 1+ or - to avoid identification :-\). We were walking at the time, between meetings and she just dropped the "S Bomb", shoes. I don't think she saw me trip, or raise my hand to close my gaping mouth, but I must admit here and now, my regard for this lady grew tenfold in those few moments. I imagine there is something a bit "Da Vinci Code-ish" about we shoe lovers...some kind of code to which we all honour, and here I was with a Sista! You probably know a few ShoeSista's, we greet each other with a slight smile, while our eyes dart downward to see what shoes you are wearing, and then it is either delight, because they are gorgeous, or envy, because you don't own them. Either way, though, shoes are a very large part of my daily presentation. I choose my shoes first, then decide how to dress to match. My shoes are carefully lined up or boxed, while the rest of my closet is in ordered disarray. Shoes really punctuate my dressing style.

I'm going to share a few of my own favourites.
These are my "Come home soon, Johnboy" shoes, as if I were a glamourous 40's secretary waiting for my boy to return from war.

When I wear these shoes, I feel incredibly feminine and I walk differently, not just because  of the thin stiletto heel, but they make me want to look graceful and elegant. 

And these little lovelies are my "Latin Lover's",  I always want to Tango with a rose between my teeth and a swooshy big skirt that shudders when I stomp my feet.
And these be-jewelled beauties make me feel somewhat exotic, I think of Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie". Picture myself with magic powers that if I only think about changing something, it will happen. A bit like Samantha from "Bewitched"!

I love buying shoes too. My favourite place to buy shoes is in Nordstrom's in America, because they have men salesmen, who hold your foot, gently cupped under the heel as they lace or thread the makes you feel like Cinderella...just for a moment anyway. There is something so hopeful about buying new shoes...where will I wear them, what adventure will they share with me, what fun will we have together...

Oh dear, I am sounding a bit fetishist here, aren't I ? But, having said that, I do know many others who love "something" in their wardrobes, very could be suits, dresses, jewellery or lingerie. I'd love to know what it is and why you love it.

Keep choosing happiness!

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  1. I love boots! My dad bought me my first bright blue lace up converse style boots when I was 7- (Mum was surprised as she had sent us out to get a new outfit- I came back with a very graphic T-shirt of a drooling original batman joker, black tights and these bright blue boots! Go Dad) I slept with the boots on that night. Ever since then I pretty much wear boots unless an outfit simply has to have something more dainty... I even changed into gumboots at my wedding reception. My boot collection has mirrored the fashions of the time from leather lace up boots early 90's, to cherry docs mid 90's, to my current obsession with japanese chunky black buckle numbers- all hand me downs from a friend! So why do I like boots? I think they make me feel strong, tough and powerful. They keep my feet on the ground and reflect my inner warrior. XX


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