Saturday, 14 July 2012

Can a tiger change his stripes?

This notion of judgement based on first impressions has triggered some lovely comments from my readers about self-esteem and the more confident we are in our "self", the easier it is to be free-er with how we dress. It was suggested people who may be less confident felt that clothes were worn somewhat as "armour" or protection. If so, clothes can mask who we really are, and deflect attention away from what is perhaps a vulnerability. 

But would it be possible for a really shy person to carry off a very dramatic and attention getting outfit for the sake of hiding their shyness? Would that not bring with it a very high risk? When I want to be left alone, or appear to blend in, I tend to reach for my most mainstream clothes.  I tend toward common, mainstream sports labels, with a hint of attitude, like I may have been to the gym, or may be on my way there, but not so much that you would look at me and say, "Now there's a lady who spends a lot of time each day at the gym." I choose these clothes because they are, to me, neutrality. They are also completely opposite to what I wear each day in my corporate or career world. There, the peculiarity of my professional appearance trying to match my creative, non-conservative spirit with a conservative and traditional  academic environment is highlighted.

Any views on this, readers? What do you wear when you want to avoid attention?And...even better, what about when you seek attention? Please tell....

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