Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Why my frock rocks?

I want to share with you all, my passion for fashion! Well you know, my passion for all the types of things that we wear,  or use to get dressed. I often think the process of getting dressed or dressing can be as important as being dressed. I have been working with clothing and fashion for years now, as a designer and recently in working with people to improve their overall image and I have noticed that some people really enjoy their clothes and have a kind of special relationship with them. Sometimes it may help them with how they present themselves to the world, like a public image, and sometimes clothes can help them feel better about themselves.

I am researching this topic, trying to understand how we use clothes to create our image. I'd love to hear stories of how you and your wardrobe "get on", what you like about clothes and what you don't!

Here's Fridays Frockrockin' it!

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