Monday, 28 May 2012

Oh Dear, this reminds me of when we were younger, my mother would safety pin things to our clothes, like hankies with money in them. Once she pinned my brothers shirt-tails to his underpants and he could not go to the bathroom all day!

Perhaps these were designed by someone who suffers "no untidy clothes disorder", could that be you?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fashion Terrorism-Remembering days of Doc Martens!

Don't ya love Doc Martens? They are just about the most classic design icons of my generation.  Just now I saw the white ones with Angel wings on a young mum at the local shopping centre who was screaming at her small child to hurry up, and I wanted to stop her and give the whole discussion on meat abattoir workers and anarchists in the England during the 70's and how punks took to wearing them because of the steel toes helped them in riots and Friday night bashing parties(think Romper Stomper!) and tell her that in fact by wearing the boots she was inciting rebellion in her child, but alas...I held my tongue. I didn't want to be removed from the shopping centre for fashion terrorism!
How did 10 months pass, too much reading and writing on things other than this wonderful blog, but it's back...and here we go, all approved for the research project to continue on this site. Bring on the stories about what you love  most about the things in your wardrobe!

Choose happiness, Deb

Here's Fridays Frockrockin' it!

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