Monday, 28 May 2012

Oh Dear, this reminds me of when we were younger, my mother would safety pin things to our clothes, like hankies with money in them. Once she pinned my brothers shirt-tails to his underpants and he could not go to the bathroom all day!

Perhaps these were designed by someone who suffers "no untidy clothes disorder", could that be you?


  1. au contrair mon ami. I am mr. untidy. but i do love an above the knee sock under my trouser in the deep of winter. it does limit movement but what costumes dont?

    1. Well untidiness is great I think, better than having everything "in it's place" although I do think there is a "best place" for some things, particularly body parts, they should stay where you want them. Of course this brings to me to your point about limited movement. Sometimes really tight clothes can make you feel different, stand up straighter, move less skirts inspire me to twirl (suddenly possessed by Stevie Nicks I think)

      It makes me wonder what defines comfort, how can clothes offer us comfort? Some clients have said they like all their clothes oversized because that makes them feel comfortable. I ask, is that about freedom of movement, or a body camouflage?

  2. A friend battled her 3-year-old's habit of changing outfits many times a day by pinning her bottom half to her top half so she couldn't get out of them. Maybe this was around the same time she painted poo inside and outside my friend's extensive shoe collection. There are many forms of self expression :)


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