Friday, 13 July 2018

All hail the frock rockin' design duo as Victor and Rolf celebrate 25 years Haute Couture.

Over my 15 years lecturing in fashion design, I have so often sent budding young designers off to study the supercharged technical velocity of this design duo...and here, are some highlights of last weeks Paris runway where they celebrated 25 years at the forefront of frock fashion by recreating their visionary garments in white...
The most iconic frocks-reimagined in white...Paris Haute Couture.
Nobody ruffles like Victor and Rolf!

From the Artists paintings collection

Bed hair epitomised...

Please take a moment to think how this is constructed??? Discuss...

A most elegant harlequin...

Homage to Nancy Reagan...Just say NO to....?

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Bloomin' grateful to Bloomhills

What a blast at #fashcampUSC today...after learning about upcoming fashion trends for SS19, the fearless campers headed into the photography studio to shoot their outfits all styled from garments supplied by a local charity store, Bloomhill Cancer Care. 

It was such a great experience, full of creativity and experimentation. Here's just a little taste to show my gratitude to Bloomhill Cancer Care.  Tomorrow they will practice some fashion journalism and what it's like to be a fashion influencer.

Many, many thanks to John Seeto for his fabulous photography.

Ok, this is me...fashionably sporting sneakers at work! This has never happened before⬳⬳⬳

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Swooshing and sashaying for your Fridayfrockrockin'it this week!

 Yes, of course I know this isn't a frock...but men can rock their "Frock Coats" too, can't they. I particularly like imagining how this jacket might sound and fell as you move along...a swoosh and a sashay perhaps. Two colours and two versions...
Alexander McQueen Men's Spring/Summer 2019
Stitched and released, this fringing is just right for menswear. Alexander McQueen Men's Spring/Summer 2019
Alexander McQueen Men's Spring/Summer 2019

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Here's Fridays Frockrockin' it!

Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika Spring/Summer 2018 presents a collection of richly embroidered gowns that epitomise  quality. The delicate fabric have been masterfully handled to produce gorgeous gowns...

Sunday, 20 May 2018

A perfect storm, Grace Jones & Azzedine Alaïa

Happy 70th Birthday to the best frock rocker ever, Grace Jones 🎉🎈🎊
Grace Jones, Los Angeles, 1991 Photographer: Greg Gorman. Dress by Azzedine Alaïa

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Met Gala celebrates Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

Well, it is May, and along with the wonderful celebration of motherhood...It is also the time when Fashion and Art collide at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for what is fondly known as the Met Gala.  This year sees a particularly nuanced "collision" as Anna Winter,  Editor of Vogue harnesses the rich and beautiful aesthetic of the Catholic Church in "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination". It truly is Donnatella's time to shine...Vatican collaboration considered!

It's good time to be a frock lover, let me tell you! I wonder if there is a confessional for tragic like me who love to see the workmanship and lush materials paraded on the red carpet. I don't have much interest in celebrities, but I do appreciate an elegant carriage of an opulent and well designed frock! Some of my favourites below...

This is a time to see the glories of the craft of fashion design and the skill of the couturiers les petites mains, or little hands which has been honed over centuries. This is the thrill of fashion for me...this magnificent moment passes so quickly.
Atelier Versace...The boots are a bit humble, but they were very on trend for the night.

John Galliano gave Rhianna a frock to die for, perhaps others might consider it more costume than gown?

Moschino in the game, celebration of the Madonna.

Atelier Versace

Versace...chain mail forever!

It really was a night for Atelier Versace, the gowns were incredible, but then again, this is Donnatella Versace in her element.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The Labour of Frocks

Today I was at Queensland Art Gallery and mooched upon this amazing painting of women doing laundering. As I read more, it is a modern work referencing an earlier work from 1912 by Vida Lahey, Monday Morning. Interestingly, the image date coincides with a march by unionists and their supporters called Black Friday. It began with a tram strike in Brisbane as a result of tram workers being dismisses for wearing union badges, and ended in the police brutally dispersing the crowd at what is now King George Square.
Women's Work (1912) 2017 painted by Helen Johnson Australian, Vic b.1979
How hard it must have been to keep all those layers of clothing clean, and dust free in the streets of a quickly growing city. It would truly have been a days work! Let alone the difficulty of manouevering such heavy and clumsy skirts while getting on or off trams must have been so very challenging.

Women's work could not be more apt a title don't you think? It might make one quite tired, which is why the next painting seemed so relevant 😴.

All hail the frock rockin' design duo as Victor and Rolf celebrate 25 years Haute Couture.

Over my 15 years lecturing in fashion design, I have so often sent budding young designers off to study the supercharged technical velo...