Monday, 2 April 2018

Getting the band back together! Well, not actually the band, but revamping the blog so I can rock some frocks!

National Museum of Australia Feb 2018

I was at the National Museum of Australia recently and ogled at this divine frock in the foyer. Those tiny covered buttons and the very slender sleeves reminded me of photos of my mother in beautiful dresses from the fifties that she wore to balls and dances at Cloudland. It inspired me to want to revamp the blog and get talking about wonderful frocks again!

Dresses made by the women who wore them is really a thing of the past isn't it? I mean, after all, today our frocks are made by invisible people in far away places that we never will meet...and that is very sad. I can't think of one piece of my wardrobe that would deserve to be in a museum 50 years from now...

As we approach the 5 year anniversary on April 24, of the tragedy at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh where so many lives were lost in a clothing factory collapse, I am reminded of the value of hand made and home made clothing...make it yourself or at least know the person who did! Then your frock will rock too!

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