Thursday, 15 August 2013

Don't mess with fashion...more on the "Neck and Neck" Commentary.

Yesterday bought the leader of the LNP, Tony Abbott to my own neighbourhood. He is seen above with members of the local netball community and our local member Wyatt Roy, Australia's youngest member of parliament. It is of particular interest to me, the link Abbott has drawn in recent days following his description of a female member of his team as having "Sex appeal", and that he has now referred to same sex marriage, as something of a "recent fashion".  I just add...

The phenomenon of western “fashion” in dress began during the Middle Ages, and referred to political and social change. Furthermore, “Fashion” has been defined as “a pattern of change in which certain social forms enjoy temporary acceptance and respectability only to be replaced by others” (Blumer 1968) 

I suggest Abbott knows fashion very well!

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