Friday, 8 March 2013

Fabric Folk-Lore- Tell me a story, please?

I'm working on an idea to help illustrate my research, and I would love your help.

I have been inspired by the stories you have sent me via email; there is a rich pool of delightful folk lore which accompany's you through the clothes you are wearing as your life unfolds...kind of like a costume to the script of your life. I'm going to begin to design a collection of clothes about your stories...

To get started, I am asking for photos of you in your favourite outfit with a brief comment about why it is your favourite, and how it makes you feel. Of course, any outfit would be great, love it or hate it...its the story I am interested in.

 I want to translate those in to illustrations, I won't use your photos directly, but instead use them as reference.  It would be fantastic if you post them directly on the blog, or if you are shy, you can e-mail me.

Thanks again for your involvement in my research.

Choosing happiness!

I love this piece, a dress made from stories @ ""-storydress 1

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