Sunday, 9 December 2012

Next research project on it's way!

Hi myfrockrockers!

I've been locked away writing up the results of the research about your relationship with clothing and I must say, you have provided some delicious stuff to help me understand what it is that we really use clothing for! It's been great, so I want to say thank you, but also to ask a favour :-)

I have to design my second project! I know, call me crazy but in the professional doctorate one must do 2 research projects along with course work. So I was thinking, why not ask you all for suggestions to help me find out something you are interested in too.

I am thinking along the lines of photographs of your favourite outfit, or pictures of you wearing what you love, and I can analyse the principles and elements or stories submitted about your fashion alter-egos. It can be any idea you have, and I will try to make it a really interactive project for all who love fashion and dressing up.

I really hope you will put your ideas up...oh and by the way, I have to submit the proposal by Tuesday...Yikes!!

Choosing happiness,

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