Monday, 24 September 2012

Research questions at the ready!

Hi myfrockrockers- here's another set of questions that I hope you can help me with answers to. You don't have to answer them all, just those which you want to and which perhaps resonate with you.

These questions are about how you link your choice of clothes with the person who you are, or your projected identity.

1)      Can you describe your thoughts as put together an outfit to
a)       go to work
b)      go on a date
c)       go shopping
d)      go to the gym or exercise

2)      Is there a time when you think an outfit has contributed positively to a social experience?

3)      Has there ever been a time when you have changed your choices of clothing for certain social occasions?

4)      In what ways do you think social groups influence clothing choices?
a)       Have you experienced that yourself?

5)      Do you have an example where you have chosen an outfit to represent your social status?

6)      Do you choose clothes that demonstrate your income? In what ways?

7)      Have you had an experience where your clothing choices acted to unify or separate you from your social groups?

8)      Do you think it is important to dress to show your ethnic background?

9)      If you were to wear a traditional garment that wasn’t from your ethnic background, would you be uncomfortable?

10)   If traditionally clothing helped to identify various ethnic groups and tribes, what does it represent in today’s society?

11)   Is there someone you consider a style muse, someone whose style you try to emulate?
a)       If so what is it about the person’s style that appeals to you?
b)      Is this someone you aspire to be?

12)   Do you think television weight loss and makeover shows influence your opinions of your self-image?
a)       If so, in what ways?
b)      Can you give me an example of something positive?
c)       Do you have an experience where watching a show about image has been negative for you?
d)      If so, could you describe that experience?

13)   What extent are you prepared to change your physical image in order to match it to your view of yourself?

14)   Have you had an experience where you have felt strongly influenced by other people’s opinions of your image?

Thanks for all the great answers so far, everyone...they have been insightful and really very useful. PLease let me know if you want answer any of these directly through e-amil, that would be great. Also if you have any other questions.
On the home stretch now! Thank you...

Choose happiness

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