Monday, 13 August 2012

Design Challenge

I promise worldwide exposure and international success to the person out there who can design a more dignified hospital-stay robe than the butt showing, d├ęcolletage defying junk frock they give you in hospitals...

I've spent 10 days by my mother's bedside and have definitely decided that the design world can do better than that! Come on all my fabulous students of fashion design, let's put some dignity and grace back into being stuck in hospital!

Please! No more of this....


  1. It's appalling isn't it, insult to injury.
    Why not have 2 spots of velcro on the outside top of shoulders on the gown where you can attach a cape (a very simple piece of rectangular fabric that hangs down to cover the opening. Easy to detach, even while the patient is lying down, I presume easy access is why the gown is this way, surely not to save on fabric. Could have fun with it for kids (super hero?!), contrasting patterns, pin stripe...

    1. Great ideas,the velcro could actually be a great solution, and of course anything superhero is always good...I'm sure that would speed one's recovery!

  2. I'd wear a big mumu.. any excuse to not wear knickers hahahah

    love jimmy c

  3. haha, JC, yes I don't mind the no knickers thing either, its just baring it all to the world when one hobbles down the hallway that gets me!


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